3 Keys to Success in a Culture Change Initiative

Embarking on a Culture Change Initiative? 3 Keys to Success Culture can be defined as the set of beliefs and behaviours of an organisation’s workforce. It is created from the messages that are received about how people are expected to behave. Cultures bind people together through shared goals, beliefs, approaches, routines, needs and values. Peer […]

More on Humility as a Leadership Trait

Long ago, as I started my consulting career, I was assisting a colleague in running a Leadership Development Course. Over a period of several days, I watched this group of 15 individuals, young, confident, cocky and somewhat arrogant. I asked my colleague if I could run a session on Humility. And so began my interest […]

Is Process in your End of Month Review?

In a conversation this week with a colleague we discussed the importance of process in organisations and the need for carefully managed process life cycles. This includes very specifically the creation, documentation, deployment, refinement, and retirement of processes He asked me why, in his experience, processes are not an area of focus for many businesses, […]

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