Agile in Business

  In the late 1990’s the software industry was turning away from the rigid models and process of software engineering that defined the first decades of large-scale software development. These rigid models kept the customer at arms length, and did not accommodate changes to perspective, changes from outside pressures or changes from the customer, even […]

Can Harrison Assessments be Manipulated? Can Candidates Cheat the Assessment?

Can You Pretend to be Somebody that You Are Not with Harrison Assessments? I often get asked “Can Harrison Assessments be Manipulated? Can someone put on a mask with Harrison Assessments and present themselves in a different light? How reliable is the assessment?” Dan Harrison on Test-Retest Reliability Dan Harrison, the founder of Harrison Assessments […]

12 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Hiring Assessment.

Only the Best Hiring Assessments Ensure Excellent Job Fit Let’s face it — we are all comfortable using assessments to try to improve our hiring decision making. Good hiring practice, including assessments, are now considered an essential foundation for organisational success.  We accept that high quality assessments used at the point of hire will have […]

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