Aspects of Performance in Organisations

Aspects of Performance

Aspects of Performance in Performance Focused Organisations

It is unfortunate that in many organisations, the term Performance Management is synonymous with the management of under performance in staff.

I am constantly challenging that notion with my clients. It does not serve them well if such a powerful concept has become associated with this rather minute portion of the overall gamut of Performance Management.

Performance Management is the management of performance within an organisation. A Performance Focused Organisation is one that ensures a structured, coherent focus on Performance at all levels as an integral part of the way in which they do their day to day business.

There are three key aspects of Performance Management within a PFO (Performance Focused Organisation). As you see, it includes but extends beyond the management of people. And if you get the other parts right, the management of poor performance is almost non-existent.

The Aspects of Performance Management in a Performance Focused Organisation

1. Performance Management at the Workforce Level
Maximising performance through an environment that engages staff, provides clarity and direction, supports them, and gives meaning to each group, team and individual.

2. Performance Management at the Process Level
Maximising performance through attention to the systems, processes and workflows that are the units of effectiveness and efficiency in an organisation.

3. Performance Management at the Organisational Level
Maximising performance through the provision of a culture that fosters an environment of growth, knowledge and wisdom, that is focused on strategy and true leadership, that provides organisational clarity, that embodies integrity and respect, and that builds loyalty and commitment in staff, customers and suppliers.

How does your organisation rate? Where are your strengths? Where are your areas of potential?

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