Your Support Workers Make You Successful

Support Workers

Remember those people who make you successful. Those people who hold your ropes steady as you work towards achieving your business results and/or progressing your career. It is easy to remember those around us, but what about those people who work quietly and often unseen.

For example, your support staff. e.g.

  • The Admin Team
  • The HR Team
  • The Finance Team
  • The IT Team

Remember your suppliers; for example, suppliers of:

  • stationary
  • equipment
  • coffee and other kitchen supplies
  • office furniture
  • daily newspapers

And those who maintain your environment, for example:

  • window cleaners
  • flower and plant providers
  • cleaners

The people who provide any outsourced functions, such as:

  • Recruitment
  • Help Desk functions
  • IT functions
  • HR functions

Those who help you develop and success, e.g.

  • mentors
  • coaches
  • professional organisation staff that you deal with regularly

Those who assist your organisation to grow and develop, such as:

  • your consultants

And generally make life easier:

  • your courier
  • those who deliver your lunches and coffee
  • your postman
  • your garbage collectors
  • your post office workers.

There may be many many more in your life who hold those ropes steady for you to achieve your best. This is a great time to thank them.



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