About Us

Indra was founded in 2004 by Ganga Harvey to assist organisations transition to a culture of performance. We like to use the term Performance Focused Organisations.

Our work with you might be a long partnership where we work together to assess the organisation and design a program that will build a strong, engaged workforce with a commitment to performance.

Our work with you might also be a shorter program of targeted activities that are designed for your current context, your challenges and your dreams of what a culture could be.

Some of the ways that we have helped our clients are:

  • Defining clear and compelling strategies and goals, bringing the strategy to life
  • Establishing succinct and usable measurement sets and internal targets
  • Empowering teams to implement strategy
  • Engaging teams to ensure retention
  • Culture and engagement assessments
  • Management of Change to ensure teams remain engaged and sufficiently skilled
  • Creating clear Competency and Capability Resources to transition large teams into new ways of working
  • Developing the Self Awareness of leaders
  • Overcome frictions in the workplace by ensuring that the right people are in the right jobs
  • Automating Employee-Led Succession planning


We are also proud Distributors of and Solution Experts for Harrison Assessments.

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Performance Focused Organisations

Performance Management is the management of performance within an organisation. A Performance Focused Organisation is one that ensures a structured, coherent focus on performance at all levels as an integral part of the way in which they do business.

There are three key aspects of Performance Management within a Performance Focused Organisation.

  1. Performance Management at the Workforce Level

Maximising performance through an environment that engages staff, provides clarity and direction, supports them in their work, values them as a person, and gives meaning to each group, team and individual.

  1. Performance Management at the Process Level

Maximising performance through attention to the systems, processes and workflows that are the units of effectiveness and efficiency in an organisation.

  1. Performance Management at the Organisational Level

Maximising performance through the provision of a culture that fosters an environment of growth, knowledge and wisdom, maintains a focus on strategy and true leadership, provides organisational clarity, embodies integrity and respect in its values, and that builds loyalty and commitment in staff, customers and suppliers.

Our Awards

Our work has attracted some recognition including:

  • 2013 Santos Directors’ Award for Projects over $100,000,000
  • 2013 CEO Integration Award
  • 2013 Project Management Achievement Award
  • 2014 Best Project SA in 2014

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