I have been working with redeployees using Harrison Assessments to rebuild their confidence and plan their career. The surprise on their face when they see the assessment is wonderful! The underlying philosophy of identifying and leveraging strengths is very special. Ganga has supported me all the way with her deep insight into the traits. She has worked with me to find innovative ways to use the reports to benefit clients has been fundamental in this work.

– Career Consultant

Ganga began working with our organisation when we were a start-up, and has worked with us until the present time. During this period she has helped us keep our finger on the pulse of the organisational climate, and has orchestrated significant change. As an organisation we doubled in size since 2006, and later faced some tight restrictions before growing again. Ganga was there to guide us through those changes.

Ganga often met individually with key staff members to discuss work expectations. These meetings were beneficial from both sides. They helped us to tap into any staff issues, ensure staff engagement, set expectations, establish a structure that provided opportunities for staff who were keen for more exposure and experience.

With 2/3 of staff from overseas, Ganga dealt with many diversity issues, and staff were willing to discuss personal issues too. We found her coaching services to be very valuable. Ganga made such a difference that I also felt I could confide in her as a trusted mentor.

As a result of her work with us we exceeded stakeholder expectations.

As part of her change management work with us, Ganga also helped us with succession planning, and a process for bringing many new staff on board during our growth phase.

She made a difference to me, our staff and our organisation.


I was recently asked to lead a complex project, valued at over $100M and heavily dependent on the deployment of significant change in the organisation. Early in the project, I knew I needed someone to help me lead that change. On a recommendation, I met with Ganga and subsequently brought her onto the team as the Change Management Lead.

For the next 2 1/2 years Ganga and I worked closely to deliver an extremely difficult project in the Australian Oil and Gas Industry. Her support was instrumental in achieving high quality execution, substantial like for like cost savings and for meeting all timeframes. Her insight into the motivations and cultural change required with over 1,000 people involved was important for changing the way we operated, and her work to capture process and develop training materials solidified the change for years to come.

I have a high regard for Ganga and the value she brings to any team. I would recommend her to anyone and plan to use her services again in the future.

– Snr Project Manager

I have a great deal of respect for Ganga Harvey and her professional approach to her work and clients. Over the past 6 years, Ganga has continued to impress me with her insightful ability to make a difference for individuals and teams within organisations. She uses her analytical and interpretation skill with Harrison Assessments to create positive results. In training and facilitation Ganga ensures her audience is empowered. I have no hesitation in recommending Ganga.

– Director

I found Ganga to be highly professional in her work, able to communicate with staff at all levels which assisted in providing our organisations with solutions that were supported by all staff.


It has been my pleasure to have Ganga Harvey as my great coach and mentor since last year. The thoughtful and professional way of her coaching opened a bright window into my self development and career development. Her wise and deep guidance approach and the use of Harrison Assessments assisted me to cope with the complications of my new job and life including migrating to Australia. She helped me successfully improve self awareness, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, life balance and effective performance. I highly recommend Ganga if you are seeking growth, change and transformation in your business. Thank you Ganga for being such constructive mentor, confidant and friend!

– Senior Researcher

I would like to thank you for sharing some useful information, tools and tips during our time together in the Leadership Development Program. They have been of great value during the course of my work.

– High Potential Leadership Candidate

We were increasing the size of our business by 50%, hiring 33 staff from all over the world. Ganga project managed the hiring process for us. Using an automated online application, assessment and applicant ranking system, the process was smooth and seamless. We received over 2,000 applications. Her professionalism and support during this time was very valuable. There were two major outcomes. Firstly, it reduced our time to about 1/6 of what we would normally spend per position. Secondly, the insights gained through the applicant assessment process were accurate. Initially we were somewhat cynical about the assessment reports, but when we saw the behaviours manifested in interview, we were converts. Thank you Ganga.

– Manager

Ganga has been a great mentor for me. Through her guidance, insightfulness and experience she was able to help me navigate my career path and produce results above my expectations. She is very generous with her knowledge and some times giving up her weekend just to provide a helping hand. Most of all, I just enjoy the positiveness in the discussions over a great cup of coffee.

– Organisational Development and Workforce Architect, Government Department

Ganga is a committed individual who is focused on supporting her clients and those around her. She is passionate about her industry and ensures she continually educates herself to maintain her knowledge. I have found Ganga both professional and caring and a pleasure to work with.

– Small Business Owner

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