Time to Rethink your Working from Home Strategy for Post-COVID19

How Working from Home Post-COVID19 differs from WFH during COVID19 Has the Flexible Working Crisis hit you yet? The COVID19 restrictions have created an increased expectation of remote working options. However, Working from Home during the crisis and after the crisis are different. Those who performed well during the crisis might not perform at the […]

Thought Leaders on Rebuilding Your Business Post-Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Challenges If only it was as easy as pushing a button. If only we could reset and get back to normal. The past months have been challenging; we’ve helped clients think differently as we’ve guided them through significant changes. And now the restrictions are being relaxed. Businesses begin the processes of re-establishing in the […]

The Science Behind Supporting Your Working from Home Team

Working from Home – the New Normal One of the biggest immediate changes as a result of the pandemic has been the transitioning of your staff to working from home. Sure, you have seen all of the checklists, what to do and how to survive articles. But if you really want to know how to […]

Busting the Myth: Perfectionism is Not A High Performance Trait After All

Using Harrison Assessments to Avoid Perfectionism and Perfectionist Cultures Ganga Harvey Broadly speaking, perfectionism is an irrational desire for flawlessness, combined with harsh self-criticism and a drive to correct one’s own imperfections. Perfectionism shows as a strong sense of control over what and how things are done, so that a perfect result can be achieved. […]

Do You Work in a Perfectionist Culture?

The Perfectionist Organisation Ganga Harvey I hear Execs saying with pride “Our organisation strives for perfection”, or “We are a perfectionist organisation.” My heart sinks a little. Perfectionist cultures create a catch-22* situation. The perfectionist culture appears to be hard working and achievement-focused, but is damaging to performance and profits across the board. The challenge […]

Self-Confidence – Building High Performance Teams

Is Self-Confidence Needed for Job Success? Will recruiting people with self-confidence contribute to high performance? We respond positively to someone who appears self-confident. It is easy to put our trust in them. When we are around self-confident people our confidence in own ability is heightened. A person with moderate to good levels of self-confidence can create […]

A Check List of 10 Things You Should Know About Your Staff to Retain Them

A Check List of 10 Things You Should Know About Your Staff to Retain Them Today’s workforce is increasingly career driven and mobile. The focus on engagement and retention is stronger than ever before. There is an increased expectation on Managers to keep team members engaged – an engaged workforce is a retained workforce. In […]

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