12 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Hiring Assessment.

Only the Best Hiring Assessments Ensure Excellent Job Fit Let’s face it — we are all comfortable using assessments to try to improve our hiring decision making. Good hiring practice, including assessments, are now considered an essential foundation for organisational success.  We accept that high quality assessments used at the point of hire will have […]

Calm in the Face of Change – How Tranquil Inertia Balances Strong Self Motivation

The Challenge of Change Projects is Their Intensity Leading or being affected by change in an organisation can be stressful. The pace of the project and the impact on staff can cause people to disengage, become depressed, feel very vulnerable and show behaviours that are out of the normal. There is a place in every […]

Ego Almighty! Working with Team Members with Strong Egos

There are always all sorts of personalities working in an organisation. Thank goodness for diversity. But some of those personalities are more disruptive than others. In previous posts we’ve discussed several. For example, team members that thrive on drama, those that complain incessantly, those with a negative point of view, those that like to be […]

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