Time to Rethink your Working from Home Strategy for Post-COVID19

How Working from Home Post-COVID19 differs from WFH during COVID19 Has the Flexible Working Crisis hit you yet? The COVID19 restrictions have created an increased expectation of remote working options. However, Working from Home during the crisis and after the crisis are different. Those who performed well during the crisis might not perform at the […]

Do You Work in a Perfectionist Culture?

The Perfectionist Organisation Ganga Harvey I hear Execs saying with pride “Our organisation strives for perfection”, or “We are a perfectionist organisation.” My heart sinks a little. Perfectionist cultures create a catch-22* situation. The perfectionist culture appears to be hard working and achievement-focused, but is damaging to performance and profits across the board. The challenge […]

Calm in the Face of Change – How Tranquil Inertia Balances Strong Self Motivation

The Challenge of Change Projects is Their Intensity Leading or being affected by change in an organisation can be stressful. The pace of the project and the impact on staff can cause people to disengage, become depressed, feel very vulnerable and show behaviours that are out of the normal. There is a place in every […]

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