Self-Confidence – Building High Performance Teams

Is Self-Confidence Needed for Job Success? Will recruiting people with self-confidence contribute to high performance? We respond positively to someone who appears self-confident. It is easy to put our trust in them. When we are around self-confident people our confidence in own ability is heightened. A person with moderate to good levels of self-confidence can create […]

12 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Hiring Assessment.

Only the Best Hiring Assessments Ensure Excellent Job Fit Let’s face it — we are all comfortable using assessments to try to improve our hiring decision making. Good hiring practice, including assessments, are now considered an essential foundation for organisational success.  We accept that high quality assessments used at the point of hire will have […]

Hire Right. Reduce the cost of turnover.

Did you know that employee initiated turnover costs $billions annually? In 2006, we conducted an analysis for a client who had a higher than average turnover rate. It was costing them several $million per year. How can an organisation reduce this cost? Organisations that consider the suitability of job applicants, as well as eligibility have […]

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