3 Keys to Success in a Culture Change Initiative

Embarking on a Culture Change Initiative? 3 Keys to Success Culture can be defined as the set of beliefs and behaviours of an organisation’s workforce. It is created from the messages that are received about how people are expected to behave. Cultures bind people together through shared goals, beliefs, approaches, routines, needs and values. Peer […]

Be Fearless – 5 Keys for Leaders

Courage does not mean that you are free from fear. It means that you are able to face the fears that are obstructing you and move through them. Build your Leadership Courage with these 5 simple practices: Stop engaging in gossip and other fear-filled conversations. Rather, hold positive and inspiring conversations. Start each and every […]

Bringing Business Strategy to Life through People – Part I

Strategy through People As a Performance-based consulting business we understand what it takes to get strategy developed and implemented.  It turns out that obtaining funding for strategic initiatives can be the easy part.  The hard part is getting the day-to-day work of key implementers, the leadership and the entire workplace culture all aligned with strategic […]

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