We are a Social Cause Organisation – Can we be Permissive with our Staff?

Organisations who work with volunteers and social cause staff face particular challenges in managing and leading their staff–for example: Not for Profits, Purpose for Profits, religious organisations, higher education institutions, professional societies. But should they be any different to a profit focused organisation? We are a Social Cause Organisation – Can we be Permissive with […]

Good Behaviour, Bad Behaviour

I have had some conversations this week around good vs bad behaviour in the workplace. Outside of commonly agreed bad behaviour or illegal/unethical behaviour, determining “bad behaviour” is quite subjective – determined by formal and informal workplace culture. When a manager asks me to work with a staff member to make sure that they “behave […]

Is Process in your End of Month Review?

In a conversation this week with a colleague we discussed the importance of process in organisations and the need for carefully managed process life cycles. This includes very specifically the creation, documentation, deployment, refinement, and retirement of processes He asked me why, in his experience, processes are not an area of focus for many businesses, […]

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