Identifying the causes of Organisational Problems

Solving Organisational Problems: Identifying those Causes In our previous post about Solving Organisational Problems , we mentioned the difference between symptoms, the pain that is being experienced at the moment, and the causes of the problem, the underlying reason or trigger for the current symptoms. Symptoms are the sign that a problem exists. Like symptoms […]

Solving Organisational Problems

I discovered these definitions of problem recently, and appreciate the way that the definitions are succinct, accurate, and worthy of some contemplation. Having a problem is by nature a state of affairs plagued with some difficulty or undesired status. A problem represents a challenge that encourages solving to establish more desirable circumstances. [These are from […]

Is Process in your End of Month Review?

In a conversation this week with a colleague we discussed the importance of process in organisations and the need for carefully managed process life cycles. This includes very specifically the creation, documentation, deployment, refinement, and retirement of processes He asked me why, in his experience, processes are not an area of focus for many businesses, […]

Organisations with Rhythm

Organisations with Rhythm- Routine sets you free The rhythm of business. This is what distinguishes a Performance Focused Organisation, intent on continued and controlled viability, from a group of people who pursue their work opportunistically. Organisations with Rhythm have a heart beat that establishes the pace and maintains the rhythm. One of the key elements […]

Become a Performance Focused Organisation

Forget the old definitions of Performance – they belong in the past. Organisations have three Key Performance Areas and each one deserves focus. Become a Performance Focused Organisation. Aspects of Performance It is unfortunate that the term Performance Management is synonymous in many organisations with the management of under-performing staff. I am constantly challenging that […]

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