Diversity of Leadership Styles builds Business

In Performance Focused Organisations, diversity in style is welcomed. PFOs are not “cloned” organisations where a mono-culture exists. Rather the ideal is an active culture built around strong and deployed values where diversity is welcomed, honoured and respected. Leadership styles vary. Some are strongly driven, some are strongly people-oriented. Others are detailed, thorough and exact, […]

Be Fearless – 5 Keys for Leaders

Courage does not mean that you are free from fear. It means that you are able to face the fears that are obstructing you and move through them. Build your Leadership Courage with these 5 simple practices: Stop engaging in gossip and other fear-filled conversations. Rather, hold positive and inspiring conversations. Start each and every […]

Improve your Value at Work with 12 Keys to Boost Performance

How many questions do you answer with Yes? Do you: easily lose control of situations? seek reassurance from others constantly; have a high need for positive feedback? lack self-belief; don’t have the confidence to tackle larger and more complex tasks? avoid taking risks? lack motivation, energy and passion? withdraw to avoid conflict and difficult situations? […]

Paying Attention to Attention: Part 2

Paying Attention to Attention Last week we looked at how dynamic knowledge of our own behaviours – drivers and motivators – can give us the edge in terms of our development as great leaders and managers. I included a simple tool in that post – watching where our attention wanders during the day and also […]

Paying Attention to Attention: Part 1

The reality is that as your management career progresses, your management style will change. The styles of supervisors are different to those adopted by middle managers who have primarily people concerns, and these are different from high-end middle managers and senior managers who have strong results emphases. These are different again to the skill requirements […]

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