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Did you know that employee initiated turnover costs $billions annually?

In 2006, we conducted an analysis for a client who had a higher than average turnover rate. It was costing them several $million per year.

How can an organisation reduce this cost?

Organisations that consider the suitability of job applicants, as well as eligibility have a better chance of retaining employees and reducing turnover rate.

Eligibility indicates the fit of an applicant against the skill, experience and educational requirements of the position.

Suitability, however, measures how well the applicant will fit with the organisation – their potential to perform in the role, their behavioural competencies and their fit with the organisational culture.

Both are important considerations in the recruitment process.

Does a Behavioural Assessment replace background screening of job applicants? There has been some debate about this recently. Management Today, in their October issue, says:

“While screening and checks can verify an individual’s qualifications, experience and criminal record, they cannot predict an individual’s potential to perform in a position.”

“Psychometric data provides insights into a candidate’s behavioural style in the workplace, competencies and cultural fit…”

In the past, Behavioural Assessments took hours to complete. These days, they are done online, and can be done on-site or off-site. The results allow you to take a large range of suitability data along with eligibility data into consideration as you make the appointments. Using interviews, background checks, resumes and Behavioural Assessments will help you achieve the best results in your employment choices.

At Indra Process and Performance Consulting, we use Harrison Assessments and have achieved excellent results in using them for recruitment, career choice, team and individual development, and coaching.

The assessment are conducted online, and take around 20 minutes. Reports are available immediately and can be emailed to you. In this way there is no delay in the recruitment process.

We are able to offer this service globally.

Contact us to obtain more information. Harrison Assessments is a cost effective tool for your assessment needs.

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