Leadership Courage

Courage does not mean that you are free from fear. It means that you are able to face the fears that are obstructing you and move through them.

Build your Leadership Courage with these 5 simple practices:

  1. Stop engaging in gossip and other fear-filled conversations. Rather, hold positive and inspiring conversations.
  2. Start each and every day with a curious eye and an enquiring mind.  Seek just one thing each morning that is good and nurturing and encouraging about your work and your workplace. Spend five minutes considering the impact of that one thing on you and those around you.
  3. Seek out those actions that are good and upright. Honour your values. Carry them with you at all times,  in every action, in every conversation, in every written communication, in praising people and when providing constructive feedback.
  4. Take a risk and stand out by being optimistic — then use your creativity and strategic thinking to find ways to deliver.
  5. Take a risk and start a new conversation based on hope and a vision and a steadfast belief in the power of the human spirit to triumph.

Become honourably fearless in the office. Not an impulsive risk taker, but an optimistic, courageous  and value-driven leader. Remember that commitment (in the workplace or elsewhere) is a choice. Rather than base that choice on emotions (fear, passion, exhaustion, sadness, desire), base your leadership on your values, the organisation’s values and an objective investigation of facts.

inspired by Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,
Susan Jeffers

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