Achieving Goals

I recently had a discussion with a manager about the nervousness his staff were experiencing when goal setting. They did not want to establish goals against which they could be judged. He was reluctant to continue the process of goal setting.

Establishing goals, let’s call them expectations, for staff and teams is about engaging them in the direction of the organisation, the journey to achieve the vision, the quality of the products or services, the customer experience, the culture of the organisation and the life journey of self development.

The approach to setting those expectations is changing rapidly, as major companies radically change the way that they implement performance management. Yet setting expectations for staff focuses their efforts and communicates standards.

The manager’s role in the successful completion of goals.

The role of the manager is then to support their staff to achieve those expectations through motivation, feedback, development, reward, provision of resources and handling of major roadblocks and obstacles. If one of their staff members is not successful, they need to ask whether they have been supporting their staff sufficiently well. Are the goals appropriate for their role, experience and seniority? Are all the needed processes and systems in place to facilitate success.

What do they need from you for success?

Expectations show staff where to place their effort. If you support that effort, they will be successful. If your staff are successful, you will be too.


Take care, balance life and love your work.



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