Culture Change questions


There have been some interesting reads on the internet this week. Here are a couple worth your time.

Culture Change Questions

  • Have you ever wondered how much more productive it is to engage people in the change process? About 5 times, according to research mentioned in this article.
    The article contains 3 great questions that fed information to one CEO:

    1. How do you make a difference? (testing for alignment on the company’s direction);
    2. What improvement idea are you working on? (emphasising continuous improvement);
    3. When did you last get coaching from your boss? (emphasising the importance of employee development);
    4. Who is the enemy? (emphasising the importance of “One Company”/no silos, i.e., emphasising that the “right” answer was the competition and not some other department).
  • Also an article from a past post: Take time to understand the current culture before building a new one.

Business Development

We hope you enjoy your weekend reading! Remember, do it in style, by the pool, in the bush or on top of a mountain.

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