I want to quote to you today from a book that I have been reading. It is a wonderful couple of paragraphs, that considered will challenge and stretch us as we strive to be the best we can as a leader and manager.

Being in charge will stretch us

Leadership is a journey that can be profoundly rewarding, but it can also take us to the depths of despair. People will let us down. They will be ungrateful and thoughtless at times, yet regardless of this, always we must be resolute and even-handed and compassionate. We will need all the foresight and determination that we can muster, because no matter how qualified we might be, there will always be a great deal to learn about our selves and others. When we can open our selves up to our flaws, as well as to new ideas and new ways of seeing and doing things, we are able to benefit from this learning.

If we hope to be a successful leader, we must always stand in a place of truth. We can only do this when we are able to operate beyond fear and beyond all the negative influences we encounter at work. This also means that we need to hold a safe place for others, so that those who work with us have the freedom to be honest. They should feel safe enough to tell us when they think that we are wrong. When we can allow this level of transparency we enable others to learn the value of truthfulness and authenticity as well. We also make everyone’s life easier, because none of us is right all the time.

by Maggie Hamilton, from “Coming Home”

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