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How Working from Home Post-COVID19 differs from WFH during COVID19

Has the Flexible Working Crisis hit you yet? The COVID19 restrictions have created an increased expectation of remote working options. However, Working from Home during the crisis and after the crisis are different. Those who performed well during the crisis might not perform at the same level afterwards, and vice versa.

An Increased Demand for Flexibility in Work Arrangements

When COVID19 impacted our lives, working from home became a necessity and our teams adjusted well to the forced changes. As restrictions ease, businesses are revisiting the need for flexible working arrangements. Our clients are experiencing a high demand from staff to continue to work from home either part time or full time. And the temptation is to respond without careful analysis and planning.

How Remote Working during the Crisis differs in the Post Crisis Environment

The success of the Working From Home arrangements during COVID19 restrictions was strongly influenced by the crisis situation and the global impact of COVID19. It was experience by everyone, even those who normally work at home or work remotely. For example, expectations were lowered. There was a higher tolerance of others, of leadership and of the constantly changing environment. There was a sense of everyone sharing the same emotions, confusion, struggle with technology and synchronisation of new working routines.

We are now moving into the post-COVID19 era and it is unrealistic to expect the same approach to longer term flexible working arrangements. We will see many of the pre-COVID19 requirements of the workplace return. For example, if a person worked better with high levels of communication from their manager prior to COVID19, it is highly likely that this will resurface quickly.

In addition, we all suffered some trauma during the past months, shifting our perspectives on life, work, and our priorities. Some unexpected needs, requirements or demands are likely to appear.

Leading as a Manager of a Remote Working Team

Most managers prefer to work with their team around them. This allows for dynamic interactions in a busy work environment. Managing teams that are working from home requires more considered communication structures, a deeper understanding of human dynamics, and different processes for managing work. If the manager also works remotely, the challenges are intensified.

How then can high performance be maintained in teams that are working remotely?

Strategic Acumen is Required for High Performing, Remote Working Teams

We are working with businesses that are making decisions about the structure of their team or workforce on-the-fly.  Our recommendation for creating high performing, remote working teams is threefold:

  1. consider changes to the structure of  your workforce as strategic business decisions
  2. base workforce structure decisions on accurate data and analysis
  3. manage the change using a change management approach.

How Talent Analytics Provides Accurate and Timely Input into Strategic Decision Making

Talent Analytics simplify the dual task of

  1. setting your remote working team up for success
  2. understanding your own capability and development needs as a remote manager and leader.

Moreover the data and research-based analysis is available quickly – in the time it takes for your team or workforce to complete a 20 – 30 minute questionnaire.

Talent analytics created specifically for assessing Remote Working assessment will provide insight into each team member’s

  • capability
  • engagement
  • performance
  • and development needs.

Our analytics will help you craft individual development and support plans for each person, and an informed plan for transitioning a high performing team to one with increased workplace flexibility.

Ask us about the Temptations, Pillars and Strategic Questions for Creating High Performance, Remote Working Teams

Please contact us for more information about

  • The Temptations to Avoid when creating High Performance, Remote Working Teams
  • The Five Capabilities of Successful Individual Remote Working
  • The Six Strategic Decision Points of creating High Performance, Remote Working Teams

We are also available for a chat about your particular situation.


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