Add Value at Work

How many questions do you answer with Yes?

Do you:

  • easily lose control of situations?
  • seek reassurance from others constantly; have a high need for positive feedback?
  • lack self-belief; don’t have the confidence to tackle larger and more complex tasks?
  • avoid taking risks?
  • lack motivation, energy and passion?
  • withdraw to avoid conflict and difficult situations?
  • often become entangled in complex office politics?
  • become involved in gossiping and complaining over the coffee machine or water fountain?
  • avoid setting goals and planning your work daily?
  • ignore positive feedback and focus on negative or constructive feedback?
  • allow fear to dominate actions and interactions – fear of failure, fear of losing your job, etc?

12 Keys to Improve Your Value at Work and Strengthen Your Performance

Here are a dozen actions that you can take to strengthen yourself and increase your value as an employee.

  • Know what is expected of you.  Check your Position Description and your Performance Goals. Make plans and set yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals to achieve outcomes.  Communicate them.
  • Show an interest in enhancing the quality of the work that is produced.
  • Be prepared to assist others with tasks.
  • Generate strategic ideas and present them logically and clearly.
  • Seek personal feedback and remain open to suggestions for improvement.
  • Don’t gossip.
  • Walk the talk – embody every organisational value.
  • Cultivate and maintain good relationships at all levels.
  • Be self aware.  Work on your strengths and improve your weaker areas.
  • Avoid complacency.  Be passionate about your work.
  • Be proactive.  Be a problem solver.
  • Be courageous, and proceed with confidence.

Do you need help to build your value at work? Call us, we can help with our coaching services.

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