Mentoring your Mind

Have you ever thought how important your mind is to your life?

Through our minds we create the results in our workplace, care for our families and ponder purpose and meaning in our lives. Arguably the brain is:

the biological base for the mind, and is affected by the mental and physical aspects of our lives.  It is the control and coordinating centre of the central nervous system, and seat of thought, memory and emotion (Collins Concise Dictionary).

But how do we keep the brain and mind creative, healthy and well functioning?   If our minds are central to our survival then looking after them, finding out the best way they work, is surely a good idea.

Watch your mind for a minute.  Does it jump from one idea to the next?  Can you slow down this shift in attention, and focus on one thought or idea stream for several minutes?  How does your mind do that – either focus or not?  Does it matter?

What tires your mind?  Can you reduce the load and use the brain/ mind’s natural way of working to make life easier, rather than feel that you are battling yourself as well as the rest of the world?

Do your emotions sometimes ride a roller-coaster and on other days leave you feeling calm?  Can you choose which kind of mental day you will have?

Relaxation training is a fundamental technique that provides the basis for mental training, and underpins a range of techniques that help us to better manage our mental states and the attitudes that direct our performance.

The art of managing the mind can be developed.

As you practice you will find you can let your mind give relaxed attention to the focus for longer….. and that discipline can be used to follow ideas through to their conclusion.

Sounds like meditation? Uh huh.  Researchers from the University of Queensland and University of California, Berkeley have shown that people who practice mental disciplines, in this case Tibetan Buddhist monks who had undergone 5-54 years of meditative training, can control the flow of information, and focus longer on one image, when compared with untrained and unpractised meditators.

The Mentoring the Mind © program developed by Anama Morriss, an Indra Associate, can help you to reduce tension and enjoy the benefits from using your mind. Call us for details of this and other programs.

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