Hire Right

Attracting and Keeping the Right People

Select the Right Person First Time, and then Embark on a Continuous Journey of Good Management and Continual Learning

Performance Focused Organisations understand that hiring the best person for a position is the crucial first step when implementing a strong performance culture within the organisation.

At Indra Process and Performance Consulting we can assist with your staff selection, staff management and staff development. It is no longer Ok to believe that you can hire on “gut feel” or instinct. You want to be sure that the people that you hire can perform their role, achieve high job satisfaction in the way that you have designed the position, and contribute to the organisation in many different ways.

We can help your business where ever you are – you do not have to be located close to our physical location.

Hire Right

We can help with the following:

We can assist you, where-ever you are, in the interview process, assessing the resumes, composing the panel; asking the right questions; assessing the candidate at interview.
Candidate Profiling
Assessing the candidates against the position criteria,determining their strengths and areas of potential for on the job development.
Employee Management
Providing How to Manage reports for new hires and current staff. These are highly individual reports based on individual Behaviour Profiles.
We can assist with 360° Surveys and Cultural/Employee Engagement Surveys.
Individual Training and Development Plans
Based on our Profiles and Surveys, as well as structured interviews with managers and other stakeholders, we can develop individual training plans for your staff.
Position Clarity
We can assist you clarify your expectations for each position, using objective based position descriptions with well formulated KPIs that are aligned to the organisational direction.

Can we help?

If you would like assistance with staff selection, development and management, or organisational performance management, give us a call.

Indra Process and Performance Consulting

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