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Self and Leadership

Several recent surveys and reports, including the McKinsey Report on Global HR Trends, have identified Self Awareness in Leaders as a critical competency for leaders, and reported shortfalls in Australia and worldwide. Take your leadership to the next level with this 2 day program by unlocking strengths potential and performance, and overcoming your blockers, stallers and energy sappers.

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Leadership with Purpose

As organisations change and employee expectations shift, leadership capabilities are being redesigned. In this program we work with you to build your Leadership with Purpose style by exposing you to the demands of the new leadership models, provide the experience of new skills and create new ways of managing challenging leadership situations.

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Creating Successful Change

Are you undergoing or considering change in your team or organisation? No business is immune from it, whether it is incremental, planned change, or large and purposely disruptive change. Learn how to avoid the downside of change and minimise staff turnover during this period. This program addresses the process of change, and the leadership skills needed to lead and guide change successfully.

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Team Development Workshops

We offer a range of Team Development Workshops to engage and develop individual teams and teams who need to work together closely.

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Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions Accredited Training

Harrison Assessments award winning talent solutions (HATS) exceed the results of other talent management methods and personality tests by aligning people’s qualifications and passions with company–‐specific jobs. Learn how to use Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions to develop talent, fit people to jobs, automate succession planning, assist career planning, and engage employees.

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Harrison Assessments Master Class

Discover the power of the Harrison Assessments traits and paradoxes, and gain insights into using them to quickly unlock the talent of your clients and create performance confidence. This course is designed for HR professionals, Coaches, Consultants and Counsellors using Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions. Each of our 1‐day HA Master Class programs focuses on a particular aspect of the reports and traits, for example, the Paradox Graphs, the Main Graph or the Life Theme traits.

Available for in-house delivery – contact us for more details.

Balancing Life with the Whole Life Profile

Unlock your potential. Create more fulfilment in your life by identifying key issues related to happiness, including relationship fulfilment, psychological fulfilment, financial fulfilment, career fulfilment, organisational success, leadership development, health, and purpose and life meaning. The Whole Life Profile is a world-leading tool designed to increase your understanding of your life balances and optimise your wellbeing and happiness.

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Whole Life Profile Master Class

Use this powerful tool to unlock the potential of your clients. The Master Class program is for coaches, consultants, HR professionals, counsellors, and trainers who have already completed the Whole Life Profile program. It is designed to develop your knowledge and use of the Whole Life Profile and the Dyad technique in your practice.

Available for in-house delivery – contact us for more details.

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