Understanding Your People and Your Organisation for Better Decision Making

We use the power of Harrison Assessments as the backbone for our talent and workforce assessments and talent analytics. In addition we provide a range of other assessments and surveys that are suitable for any sized business. Whether you want to evaluate job fit for individuals, analyse leadership potential of a team or group, or assess your business to priorities areas for improvement, we have solutions that will work for you.

Our Assessments

We can provide solutions for you to manage in-house, or surveys and assessments as consultancy services.

  • Our specialty is assessing your organisation for in preparation for large changes, growth, restructuring or reorienting. Our in-person assessments work with you and your staff to identify strengths, strategic levers and areas for prioritised focus.
  • Through our partnership with Harrison Assessments we provide solutions and systems that can be managed and used in-house, or provided as a bureau and consulting service. Examples of system modules include:
    • Talent Management and Succession Planning systems
    • Recruitment and Job Fit Systems
    • Talent Development Systems
    • Workforce Benchmarking and Talent Analytic
  • With our tailorable assessments we can assess many aspects of an organisation including organisational performance capability, leadership, culture, engagement, and the positive culture and respectful workplace index.
  • To improve Balance and Wellness at Work we use two tools – the Whole Life Profile, and the Paradoxical Balanced Strengths tools.

Examples of Assessments

Examples of Assessments are:

  • Assessing multiple sites of an organisation for consistency in use of process
  • Assessing a business before a takeover
  • Conducting Engagement and Culture Surveys, comparing departments and locations, and benchmarking results
  • Review very large organisations to create performance profiles and recommendations for workforce management, learning and development and structural reorientation
  • Assessing job requirements and creating competency frameworks as a sector changes the way that it operates
  • Reviewing organisations for – change readiness, operational excellence, performance focus,
  • Conducting issues assessments for organisations with low morale
  • Managing a department experiencing significant conflict by assessing performance, job specifications, processes and job fit,  and as a result, reorganising the department
  • Assessing claims of harassment
  • Conduct 360 assessments and assist in individual planning
  • Review organisations against previous benchmarks

Examples of Harrison Assessments

Examples of using Harrison Assessments are:

  • Managing your own system in-house maximise manage talent acquisition, development and succession planning
  • Providing insights into team behaviours, team potential and team engagement
  • Ensuring job fit and key management requirements for individuals
  • Creating Job Success Formulas that capture the essence of behavioural, qualification and experience requirements for any job (over 6,500 templates available)
  • Using Job Success Formulas to ensure the best person for the job is hired, promoted or placed,or using them to determine the cause of performance gaps in the workforce
  • Using the data from 30 or more employees, discover the core traits of high performance in your workforce – an automated process
  • Assessing teams against leadership behaviours
  • Develop leadership and team work
  • Automating the recruitment process
  • Managing succession planning
  • Planning and managing careers
  • Including assessments in workshops, coaching programs, leadership programs and larger assessments such as Change Ready assessments
  • Culture and Engagement Surveys – Harrison Assessments provides a very different approach with greater insights
  • Predicting the Impact of large changes on staff in order to better manage the human side of change
  • Profiling Balance and Wellness at Work

Examples of Talent Analytics

Our Talent Analytics are provided by the Harrison Assessments Talent Solution systems. Examples of using talent analytics include:

  • Formulating critical success factors and derailers in your key positions. Organisations that have undertaken HATS benchmarking report a much greater understanding of their jobs as well as how employees can succeed
  • Capturing the core components of high performance in roles and positions to ensure that talent acquisition places the best people in positions, and development is targeted on strengths and gaps related to job requirements
  • Automating succession planning data enables employees and HR to assess job fit and development requirements for proposed positions
  • Ability to profile and benchmark organisations against their values and strategic drivers to ensure that development work is targeted and that strategic communications are focused
  • Benchmarking of Engagement and Retention Profiles for the organisation

Our Approach

We work closely with our clients in choosing and tailoring assessments to meet their needs, and we provide support through the planning and action phases after the assessment.

  • Context. We spend time understanding your need, the context and your required outcomes.
  • Tailored Solution. Our team will work closely with you through the implementation of the tailored assessment.
  • Constant Clear Communication. We keep all stakeholders, including staff, informed of plans and progress. We provide opportunities for feedback, questions and personal discussions, as required.
  • Effective Management and Processes. Our approach is efficient and effective, yet we remain flexible to adjust to conditions if they change during the conduct of the assessment.
  • Results and Action. We will support you as you work with our reports for decision making and action planning.

Our Experience

We are trained assessors for the Baldridge Performance Excellence Model and have worked across Asia Pacific to review, assess and benchmark organisations. Our experience also includes in‐person assessments (through interviews), issue investigation and resolution, leadership assessments, change ready assessments and many others. We project manage the assessment process and support you with post-assessment decision making and action planning.

We are Distributors for Harrison Assessments and are Accredited Trainers in their assessments and the Whole Life Profile. We also hold the Expert Level Interpretation certification for these assessments.

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