Bringing our best game to work

Balance and Wellness are two themes gaining importance in the workplace and in workforce management. Evidence shows that increasing the focus in these areas produces tangible results in overall performance.

Our Approach

We have a number of tools and programs that assist your people and your teams to identify imbalances and work towards improving their life, including their work life.

We can work individually with your staff or run team or general workshops and courses. Our assessment tools will identify areas of strength and imbalance, and assist people create balance and self harmony in the work environment.


  • Achieving Meditation – a program for the workplace
  • Mindfulness at Work – a program for the workplace
  • Whole Life Profile – a tool and workshop for identifying balanced strengths and those areas that sabotage life balance.
  • Paradoxical Balanced Strengths – a tool that identifies balanced paradoxical behavioural strengths and imbalances behavioural traits. This tool can be used in any context and is excellent for leadership teams.

Our Experience

This area has been a prime focus for Ganga for the past 15 years as she struggled to achieve balance and wellness in her senior leadership roles working across the Asia Pacific and internationally. Self Awareness, simple tools and insights into your own behavioural imbalances are the keys to her approaches as she brings her experiences to the business world.

She is an experienced meditator, learning traditional techniques under eastern teachers and mentors. She teaches meditation to various groups interested in using meditation to gain insights and purpose, and balance one’s life.

Also at Indra, we are the Australian facilitators and trainers for Whole Life Profile workshops that enable people to identify life imbalances and move towards an empowered and balanced life. We are the Distributors and accredited trainers for Harrison Assessments and have certification in Advanced Interpretation.

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