Creating Strong Cultures and Proactive Workforces

We offer positive tools, programs and HR/Workforce solutions to assess and develop your people and your business. Whether you want to select talent or get the best from people, we can help you with the right approach.

Our Approach

We work with our clients to develop their talent and position their organisation so that they can maximise current performance and prepare for the future. Our focus is on five main areas:

  • Creating cultures and providing structures that enable rather than stifle performance
  • Unlock people’s potential and ensuring that they can offer their best
  • Reviewing and renewing processes so that they are usable, flexible (for change) and scalable (for growth)
  • Building strong, aligned leadership teams
  • Ensuring the workforce is ready for growth and change.


Examples of growth and development initiatives include:




  • The inclusion of profiling assessments in workshops, coaching programs and leadership programs
  • Culture and Engagement Surveys – Harrison Assessments provides a very different approach with greater insights
  • Predicting the impact of large changes on staff in order to better manage the human side of change
  • Profiling Balance and Wellness at Work
  • Benchmarking Workforces
  • Competency/Capability Frameworks
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Preparing for Flat Structures and Self Managed Teams
  • Employing improved processes / systems
  • Succession Planning and Workforce Management
  • Organisational assessments


Please also see our Specialised Courses.

Our Experience

We have successfully worked with clients and their staff in to assess, recruit and develop people and to assess organisations and position them for success. Our tools and approaches reduce turn over, increase employee engagement, overcome performance issues and unlock potential. Please browse our website testimonials and client list for more information.

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