Large and Diverse Groups Working Together to Tackle Tough Issues

In our experience, great results are achieved when people engage in the process of working together on issues or required outcomes, and take ownership of the results. We use a unique approach to facilitate this.

Our Approach

Our approach works for groups of 30 or more, up to several hundred people. The process, guided quietly by the facilitator, leads the attendees through the analysis of the problem(s), solution generation, and reporting back to the group. Engagement in outcomes is built through the largely self‐led formulation of problem and solution.


The following are common examples of large group work:

  • Two or more teams or groups finding ways to work together
  • Formulating policies impacting multiple stakeholders
  • Planning initiatives to correct culture or strategic direction

Our Experience

For over a decade we have been working with diverse groups, and we work well with all levels of organisations, all types of businesses, and across many sectors. This experience comes together in our work with large groups.

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